Apart from their traditional use, Lori's Meringue's make a great
dessert on their own, and are a fantastic and interesting hostess
gift.  Packaged in attractive tills, Lori's Meringue Mushrooms look
as much like button mushrooms from a supermarket shelf as do
the real thing.  

New this year to The French Connection are Lori's Belgian
Chocolate Orangettes.  Starting with organic oranges, we slice
the peel in perfect sized pieces, candy and spike the peel with
Grand Marnier and then dip them in 70% dark Belgian
Chocolate.  Not just a great dessert with stunning flavor, but a
great way to get the health benefits associated with orange peel
from organic oranges in a fun, tasty way.
Lori's Meringue's
Mushrooms and acorns made from meringue?!

Meringue, in one form or another, has been being made
since at least the earliest part of the 17th century.  The
history of the meringue mushroom can be traced back to
Napoleon I of France.  During his reign, actual yule logs
were replaced (largely by imperial decree) with a festive
cake, the Buche de Noel, which was then decorated.  
Long popular in Europe, the Buche de Noel has enjoyed
a recent surge of popularity in the United States.  

Lori's Meringue Mushrooms and Acorns are made from
a unique recipe that allows the meringue to stay crisp
and delightful, even when put on a decorated cake in the
refrigerator overnight.  Talk about a time saver!
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Bonjour!  Welcome to the home of The French Connection, an artisan bakery specializing in French themed desserts and confections.  Our
products are 100% handcrafted in Ashland, Oregon.  We do not use preservatives, and when possible, produce all natural and organic items.  We
are delighted you've stopped by to look at our amazing array of unique and delicious confections.  
Also new this year is Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup.  
A fantastic substitute for maple syrup on
pancakes and waffles or as an ice cream
topping.  The salt really brings out the maple
flavor in this all natural, fat free syrup.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Stop by the
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