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Lori's Meringue Mushrooms and Acorns
Lori's Meringue Mushrooms and Acorns are made with pure cane sugar and fresh egg whites, and come packed
in tills that make a beautiful and unique presentation.  Create a magical forest cake, or eat them straight from the
pack. These delicious little morsels will fool young and old alike!  A mix of Lori's Meringue Mushrooms and Acorns
were featured both in Williams-Sonoma stores and online during the 2011 holiday season.
Lori's Meringue Acorns
Wood grained and flavored with espresso concentrate, then dipped in 67% Callebaut chocolate and chopped roasted hazelnuts, these whimsical little forest nuts could even tempt a squirrel! 2 baskets, each filled with 12 acorns
Lori's Meringues Large Pack, 24ct Mushrooms or 28ct Acorns
Decorate a forest of yule logs or a magical wedding cake! A perfect addition to cupcakes, or pack them up for party favors!
Lori's Meringue Mushrooms
Light as a feather meringue
mushrooms make a great
hostess gift, to decorate cakes or
a delicious and attention
grabbing dessert.  Two adorable
tills with ten of Lori's Meringue
Mushrooms, both button and
cremini, in each till.  
Online Special!  

Order Two Large Packs of Lori's Meringue Mushrooms or Acorns and Save $4!
Choose Your Pair!
Choose from Lori's Meringue Mushrooms
or Lori''s Meringue Acorns to make the
two pack of tills you want!  
Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup is a stunningly rich, fat free treat made from
mineral water, cane sugar, Celtic Sea salt, Tahitian Vanilla and just a hint
of maple flavor.  Fantastic as a delightful change instead of maple syrup
on pancakes, waffles or in oatmeal.  It makes a great ice cream topping.  
And since the salt brings out the flavor, just a little bit is all that's needed.  

Order 6 fabulous bottles for $40 or 3 for $21.  Both orders are shipped
safely packaged USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes.  For other quantities,
please call for pricing.
Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup
Six Bottles, Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup
Three Bottles, Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup